Terms & Conditions

  • Copyright to any design by The Ringmaker remains property of The Ringmaker and may not be copied or duplicated in any manner whatsoever, breach of copyright shall result in prosecution and/or claim for damages.

  • We reserve the right to copy, reproduce, modify, adapt or publish our designs in any form and for any purpose.

  • Defects in the fabrication of or materials in jewellery shall be repaired by The Ringmaker if returned within one year from the date of purchase, but excepting therefrom any repair made necessary by misuse or wear and tear.

  • Jewellery deposited with The Ringmaker shall be insured by The Ringmaker.

  • The Ringmaker will never pass on, trade, exchange or sell your personal details.

  • Stock sales are non-refundable - any stock piece can be exchanged within 21 days for an exchange or credit note.